Our Vision

Communication is a vital skill in life, needed in order to ensure that our pupils achieve well in a modern society. We believe that all of our pupils should have the ability to communicate well, both verbally and in written format. We aim to create fearlessly independent writers who have a passion for creating high quality written texts they can be proud of. Writing is a necessary skill in many areas of the curriculum, as well as beyond school life. We strongly believe that every child has the potential to become a creative writer and should be taught the skills to express themselves confidently and with clarity. A love of writing at an early age creates many future opportunities to achieve beyond that which our pupils thought possible.


Our Aims

At VPA, we deliver a writing curriculum that creates children who:

  • Have high expectations of their written outcomes, taking pride at all times
  • Have the skills to communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Spell accurately and confidently, using ambitious vocabulary
  • Have a thorough understanding of the grammatical features required to use the English language successfully
  • Develop a love, passion and flair for writing


How it is Taught

Writing is taught daily across the school. We teach writing in genre blocks, to allow our pupils the greatest opportunity to achieve mastery within a particular genre. Within our writing lessons, we heavily model good examples, in order to provide our pupils with a very clear idea of what they are aiming for. Our writing is taught through a scaffolded approach, to ensure that all children are confident to write and have the tools they need to write well. Each half term, we teach a specific grammatical focus, with opportunities to apply in an appropriate context. We provide children with accurate and specific feedback about their writing, to ensure they develop high expectations and a drive to get it right. In KS2, pupils also begin to draft their writing, which they receive thorough feedback on and then have the opportunity to review and edit. This edited draft is then published as a high quality, accurate piece of writing which our pupils can be really proud of. Our intensive approach to drafting, feeding back and revising writing allows us to create competent and confident writers by the end of KS2. In addition to this, we also teach handwriting daily, maintaining high expectations of pupils producing accurate print formation in FS and Year 1, moving onto joining from Year 2 onwards. Most importantly, we also consistently celebrate the writing outcomes in class, through our ‘Top Spot’ displays, which are changed weekly to celebrate our impressive writing.

Writing Blocks – Long Term Curriculum