Design Technology

Our Vision

Pupils should be provided with opportunities to be inquisitive and explore how and why products are designed the way they are. This provides them with clear chances to prepare for the wider world, beyond school life. DT allows children to develop these skills through a clear process of developing products both independently and as part of a team. Pupils are taught to think logically about what they want to create and they understand the purpose of finding out what a product requires and how to design and make it. In a future where there are endless possibilities for new product design, we want to ensure our pupils have the skills to be a part of an ever changing, innovative world.

Our Aims

At VPA, we deliver a DT curriculum that creates children who:

  • Analyse existing products
  • Design according to a design brief
  • Develop market research skills, when creating a product
  • Design and make a product with a purpose in mind
  • Evaluate a design, based on the design brief and the final outcome


How it is Taught

We teach DT weekly, alternating every other half term with art. We begin every DT focus with an analysis lesson, looking at different existing products similar to the product we intend to design. We then create the design brief, ensuring pupils understand what they will be making and who they will be making it for. This is where we carry out any relevant market research. Children then spend time learning and practising the skills needed for creating the product. Following this, all children design the product they will be making and create a mock up initial product. After the mock up, children revisit and edit their design before making a final product. The process always ends with an evaluation of the product and children develop their understanding of how close to the design brief they were able to work.

Long Term Curriculum