Physical Education (P.E)

Our Vision

It is important that pupils understand how and feel motivated to live an active and healthy lifestyle, throughout their time with us and beyond. Being physically healthy also supports pupils in becoming mentally healthy too. Our PE curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop their physical and mental health, through trying new sports, that they may otherwise not discover. We also support pupils in developing skills and techniques to succeed in a variety of disciplines. Through our PE curriculum, we create opportunities for pupils to compete at a local level, which helps to build character and resilience. We make links with representatives from key areas in sport, to support children in developing early talent. We also embed key concepts within our PE curriculum, such as teamwork and sportsmanship, whilst also ensuring pupils understand that being active is fun.

Our Aims

At VPA, we deliver a PE curriculum that creates children who:

  • Are confident across a range of different sports
  • Understand techniques
  • Have the skills and experience of competition
  • Develop sportsmanship skills
  • Have a love for physical activity
  • Leave us able to complete at least 1 length of a swimming pool, understanding water safety






How it is Taught

PE is taught twice a week across school, ensuring that we meet the government requirements for physical activity in school. Skills are taught progressively and then developed into competitive situations. Through our PE sessions, we ensure our pupils have a thorough understanding of the impact that physical activity has on the human body. We develop cross curricular links with science, looking at warming up and cooling down the body before and after exercise. We have developed local links with larger clubs, in an attempt to identify talent at a young age and feed into grassroot level clubs. We have set up timetables across school, where pupils participate in a 1km run daily, monitoring their own fitness levels and performance. We promote active playtimes and lunchtimes through specifically chosen games and equipment, which are led by trained play leaders. In addition to this, we also offer a wide range of active extra-curricular activities after school, which aim to further develop taught skills and generate deeper interest and passion in sport.

Long Term Curriculum