Our Vision

Art is a medium that is accessible to all. We strongly believe that all children can engage with, be inspired by and be motivated to create magnificent works of art. Art encourages expression and visual thinking and provides children with a clear opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. Art encourages and promotes imagination and allows our pupils to develop creatively, which is at the core of our curriculum. We endeavour to nurture a love of the arts amongst our children and provide first hand opportunities to develop as artists.

Our Aims

At VPA, we deliver an art curriculum that creates children who:

  • Develop knowledge and skills, whilst also feeling motivated to experiment
  • Reflect and record their experiences, thoughts and feelings
  • Are inspired to invent and create their own works of art
  • Think critically about art and art history
  • Study a range of artists and understand development in art forms

How it is taught

We teach art weekly, every other half term, alternating with DT. We focus on one strand each half term: sculpture, drawing and painting. Pupils are taught to use art specific language to discuss and explain their thinking, whilst developing their subject knowledge. We record our artwork in a sketchbook that follows children through school, to create a bank of high-quality artwork by the end of KS2. The skills taught within our art curriculum are built upon progressively as children move through school. In our final term, all year groups study a specific artist, building upon the range of artwork they are exposed to. This supports pupils in developing their own personal appreciation for art and an understanding of how it has changes across time and within different cultures. At the end of each year, there is the opportunity for pupils to showcase their artwork as part of an exhibition to the local community.

Long Term Curriculum