Our Vision

It is vital that pupils understand their identity as a modern-day citizen and how things have changed over time to create the world we know today. Pupils must be taught to create connections between what they know today and what has happened in the past. Through history, pupils are able to develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world and how key events in the past have played a part in shaping modern life. Pupils develop the skills to understand the complexity of peoples’ lives in the past and how this has changed over time. They also learn about different periods of time and develop a strong sense of chronology as they are guided through key events in history.

Our Aims

At VPA, we deliver a history curriculum that creates children who:

  • Ask perceptive questions about information they discover, thinking critically
  • Understand the chronology of the past and can make clear links with what they learn
  • Weigh evidence sources, understanding what makes a good source of historical information
  • Debate knowledgably about events from the past
  • Develop clear perspective and judgement

How it is Taught

We teach history weekly every other half term across the school. We teach history through a narrative in order to engage pupils in what they are learning. The pupils are guided into the past through the narrative and supported in developing their historical understanding of the time period they are studying. Pupils immerse themselves in the history, through drama, interacting with different sources and producing written outcomes. Expectations within our history curriculum are high for all pupils and the expectation is that pupils will develop an in depth knowledge of key areas, as well as developing skills which can be built upon each year. We encourage pupils to think critically about key events in the past and use sources of information to develop their own perspectives on key events which have shaped the world.

Long Term Curriculum