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At Victoria Primary Academy, we encourage pupils to come to school in clothing that is comfortable, safe and suitable for the many activities on offer during the school day. You can find details of the school’s uniform policy below, which aims to create a collective and shared ethos to enhance the spirit of community.

As we launch our ‘houses’ at the start of the year we will be buying P.E t-shirts for all our children – these will be white with the different colour for each house on the arms. Further details will be send out at the start of the year so we can get the correct sizes for everyone.


Uniform Policy

Please put your child’s name on all items of clothing so that they can be easily returned if found in school.

Clothing and footwear

  • a plain red sweat shirt or cardigan; red sweat shirt or cardigan with the school logo.
  • plain black or grey trousers, skirt or pinafore.
  • a plain red or white polo shirt (Early Years); a plain white polo shirt (Years 1-6).
  • red and white checked Summer dress/ plain black or grey shorts.
  • flat, black shoes that offer good support and cover the feet are preferred. Socks should be worn.

PE and Swimming

  • indoor PE: shorts and t-shirt.
  • outdoor PE: t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and a top for cooler weather, pumps or trainers.

In Year 4, children go swimming. They will need a swimming costume( not a bikini) or swim shorts (above the knee) and a towel for every swimming lesson.


  • plain wrist watch.
  • plain stud earrings.


  • long hair should be secured in a pony tail, plaits, bunches etc in the interest of safety, hygiene and concentration.
  • spray colour, excessive gelling and hair sculpture are not allowed.

Cultural dress and jewellery are acceptable as part of the school’s uniform policy.

Uniform can be purchased from Jo Brand on Harehills Lane (01132 351 256) or from School Uniform in Leeds Kirkgate Market (01132 436642).