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Our governing body federated with Victoria Primary Academy in April 2016.

Education has the power to transform. Occasionally, that transformation will be like a lightning bolt, but more often it will be something that comes from the unseen commitment of staff who plug away day after day. The role of the governing body is to support the staff, through the Heads of Schools, and working with staff at Wellspring, to remove anything that is a barrier to excellence, and anything that will stop our children performing to their best. Whilst performance targets are a necessary part of all this, more important is that everyone in our School feels that they are safe, valued and are treated as an individual with their own special gifts and talents.

If you are already familiar with our School, then we hope the above feels like an honest appraisal of who we are – but if it is not then you should feel free to contact the School. If you are not familiar with us, but would like to be then we would also like to hear from you. Perhaps you would like to be a governor, and support us on our journey, perhaps you would like to support us in a different way – we would very much welcome your input.

In the meantime, our website is designed to tell you a little more about what we do – take a look and send us your thoughts.

Best wishes

Chair of Governors

c/o Wellspring Academy Trust
Digital Media Centre
County Way, Barnsley
South Yorkshire
S70 2JW
Tel no: 01226 720742

To request an Application Pack to become a governor, or to request a copy of meeting dates, LGB minutes or Trust Board minutes, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body on 01226 720741 or by emailing

The Governing Body

The term of office is 4 years (with the exception of Ex-officio Governors).

Ian Bennett Hague-Brown (Chair of Governors)
Trust appointed Governor
Date appointed: July 2018

Responsibility: Leadership and Management; Standards and Achievement
Business/ Financial Interests: Governor of Littlecoates Academy (part of WAT); Curriculum Leader- Humanities- Grange Technology College, Bradford

Catherine Waskett
Trust-appointed Governor
Date appointed: 1/12/15
Responsibility: Safeguarding
Business/ Financial Interests: None


Katie Mountain
Staff- appointed Governor
Date appointed: November 2017
Business/ Financial Interests: None

Phillip Whitehead (Vice-Chair)
Trust-appointed Governor
Date appointed: 11/9/17
Responsibility: Community Engagement
Business/ Financial Interests: None

Sara Sutcliffe (Vice-Chair)
Trust-appointed Governor
Date appointed: 11/9/17
Responsibility: Behaviour and Attendance
Business/ Financial Interests: Board Member of Families Forward

Ian Goddard
Ex-Officio Governor
Date appointed: Oct 2017
Business/ Financial Interests: None

Scott Jacques (Trust Employee)
Ex-Officio Governor
Date appointed: October 2018 (TA prior to this)
Business/ Financial Interests: Executive Principal at Springwell Leeds (part of WAT)

Lesley Jennings
Trust appointed Governor
Date appointed: October 2018
Responsibility: Business and Finance
Business/ Financial Interests: Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accounts

Barbara Moores
Trust-appointed Governor
Date Appointed : 20.11.18
Responsibility : Key Pupil Groups
Business/Financial Interests : Sole trader distributor for Tropic Skincare Products

Governing Body Meeting Attendance Log (2017-2018)

11.09.17 3.10.17 22.11.17 23.01.18 12.03.18 22.05.18 02.07.18
Mark Wilson / / / / / x /
Ian Goddard n/a n/a / / / / /
Catherine Waskett / / / x x / /
Rebecca Kaye / / / / / / /
Emma Cowan n/a n/a / x / x x
Vicky Mansell / / / / / / /
Sara Sutcliffe / / / / / / x
Phillip Whitehead / / x / x / /
Katie Mountain n/a n/a n/a / / / /
Scott Jacques n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a / /
Amy Brook / / / / / n/a n/a
Ben Powell x x / / x n/a n/a
Daniel Showman / / x n/a n/a n/a n/a
Katie Finlay x n/a x n/a n/a n/a n/a
Hassan Musa x n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stewart Harper / n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Leavers  in the last 12 months

Ben Powell
Trust-appointed Governor
Date appointed: April 2016
Date resigned: May 2018

Amy Brook
Staff-appointed Governor
Date appointed: May 2016
Date resigned: May 2018

Daniel Showman
Trust-appointed Governor
Date appointed: November 2016
Date resigned: December 2017

Rebecca Kaye
Staff Governor
Date appointed: May 2016
Date resigned: October 2018

Emma Cowen
Parent Governor
Date appointed: November 2017
Date resigned: November 2018

Wellspring Academy Trust is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of:

For full details, follow the link to the WAT website-

All governors, excluding ex-officio, have a 4 year term of office.